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Welcome to Med Chambers United Kingdom website, We are UK’s leading Medical and Medicolegal Services providers. Med chambers provides Medicolegal Services (Independent Medical Reports for legal purposes), Rehabilitation Services , Diagnostics and Private healthcare throughout the UK and Europe for local and international clients.

Services we offer:

Medicolegal Services in the UK

Med Chambers provides independent medical evidence across the UK, via our network of medical experts. We are proud to be the market leader in the provision of independent medical evidence within the UK, providing experts in all fields of medicine to a customer base including all major Insurance Companies, Personal Injury Law Firms, Industrial Injury Law Firms, Medical Negligence Solicitors, Other Law Firms (such as employment matters, criminal injuries, family law etc.), Private & Public Companies, Police Forces across the UK, Armed Forces, Central Government Departments, Local Governments (Councils), International Organisations (such as United Nations Subsidiaries, charities etc) Medicolegal Companies, Claims Management Companies, Claimants and Private Clients.

Medicolegal Services for clients Abroad

If client is in another country (with cases in UK), we can either provide a local expert for medical in the country of client’s residence or our experts will travel to see the patients we can arrange to fly them back to UK for medical examinations.

Rehabilitation Services

Med chambers provides rehabilitation and complete aftercare of the patients involved in accidents. We provide Physiotherapy, Speech & Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Clinical Psychology, Outreach support – Support with activities of daily living, and Education Mentors. Staff training – Brain Injury Awareness, Behaviour Management, Disability Awareness and Advisory and Counselling Services.

Diagnostics Services

We provide diagnostics services from Angiography to X-Ray and ECG to MRIs in fixed and mobile diagnostics units through the UK.

Private Healthcare for Insurance Patients

Med chambers provides further treatment for patients funded by insurance companies through network of partner hospitals in the UK. We work with BMI, Spire, InHealth and other companies to source best medical care for clients after an unfortunate accident.

Private Healthcare for Local Patients

If you are not happy with NHS provided health care and are looking for private consultants, Med chambers can arrange you appointment with consultants in any specialty anywhere in the UK. Not sure if cost will be covered by your health insurance or not sure if you need a GP referral? Please contact us and one of our advisers will be able to help you.

Private Healthcare for International Patients

Are you UK expatriate looking to return back for a private health check or you want to travel to UK for medical tourism, we can arrange top consultants in the UK for you through our network of partner hospitals and healthcare providers. We can arrange flights or chartered planes stay in the UK, transport, medicine and everything else you need during your stay here.

Prison Visits

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Med Chambers provides independent medical evidence across the UK, via our network of medical...

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