Medchambers Differentiators

What makes Med Chambers different?

  •  Med Chambers provides independent medical opinions from our nationwide network of practitioners. This includes over 1000 GPs and 4000 consultants.
  •  If required, we can arrange experts in other countries, or can fly our experts to see patients abroad. We can also arrange clients to fly to UK to see our experts here.
  •  We have worked with over 130 solicitors in the UK and over 20 solicitors abroad in Ireland, US, Canada and Australia. References can be provided as required.
  •  We provide online access to the system where you can track case progress and download related documentation, case history etc 24/7.
  •  We provide ENT specialists and audiologists for screening of NIHL cases all over the country.
  •  Our NIHL reports invoices are also payable at conclusion of the cases even though NIHL cases take longer to settle.
  •  All invoices are settled after the case has been concluded.
  •  If you are already working with an expert directly, we can provide reports from the same expert, paying them on their credit terms whereas the payments for us are settled at conclusion of the case.
  •  If costs are not agreed with TPIs in advance, we can accept a reasonable offer for the invoices if TPI is not willing to pay invoices in full.