If your client has been a victim of negligence during an IVF treatment, we at Med Chambers can help progress their case. As cases of IVF negligence are very sensitive, we can assure that our professionals will take care of your client’s needs at anytime during the case.

We will provide support for the following situations:

  •  Laboratory mix-ups and witnessing errors by doctors and embryologists
  •  Failure of equipment such as freezing/cryopreservation equipment
  •  Loss or damage to sperm, eggs, embryos and blastocysts
  •  Negligent embryo transfer procedures
  •  Failure to screen donor sperm adequately
  •  Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS)
  •  Failure to use correct donor gametes (sperm or eggs)
  •  Inappropriate advice
  •  Inadequate surgery

If you client has been a victim of IVF negligence, then please contact us so we may discuss the next step with you.