As a first step, we carry out medicolegal audiometry and vision tests in coordination with test centres throughout the country. Screening at an early stage is required to determine if hearing or vision impairments exists and if it is noise-induced. An ENT specialist will be instructed for a full ENT medicolegal report at a later stage for noise-induced hearing loss or work-related vision impairment cases.

What Our Clients Say?

We like your idea of one stop shop for all hearing and vision tests, Medicolegal reports and treatment and rehabilitation.

W. P (Industrial Injury Lawyers firm)

We provide following services for industrial injury lawyers:

  •  Medicolegal audiometry and tests for screening purpose.
  •  Medicolegal ENT reports
  •  ENT treatments and further treatment
  •  Medicolegal ophthalmology
  •  Medicolegal ophthalmology reports

We provide audiologists for screening audiograms on per day or per test basis.

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