Your medical examination

Med Chambers is the medico-legal report service provider that has been requested to arrange your private medical examination.

The importance of your medical examination

Most personal injury claims are settled before they get to court, on the basis of the medical report alone. It is thus vital that you attend a medical examination so that a report can be prepared to support your personal injury compensation claim.

Med Chambers are experienced in helping you to prepare for your appointment. Your medical examination will be arranged to meet your convenience. Once arranged, we aim to ensure that you are clear about everything you need before attend your examination.

Some of your questions may be answered on the ‘FAQ’s‘ page

If there is anything at all you are uncertain about or you do not understand, please call 0116 298 02510 and ask for Customer Services or email:

Forms of Authority

It may be necessary for our expert to review your medical history in order to complete the medical report. Med Chambers or your solicitor will ask that you complete and sign a Form of Authority (FOA) for the release of these records.

Forms of Authority

The forms will be included in our initial letter to you and can also be accessed via your secure login. Once we have received your signed FOA, we can order your medical records for the expert’s consideration.

The Data Protection Act

Under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998, your GP surgery and any hospital you may have visited as a consequence of your injury, have 40 working days to comply with our request for copies of your medical records.