We want to make the lives of our clients easier, so we have a whole range of logistics to assist them.

We can provide:

  •  A panel of fully-qualified experts – either local experts or those from abroad
  •  Rehabilitation services
  •  Fly the client to see only the most experienced practitioners, or fly a doctor to them
  •  Arrangements for medication
  •  Appointments to see solicitors and medical practitioners
  •  Arrangements for travel and accommodation.

Case study:

We have recently managed a German client on behalf of a Lawyer in Queensland, Australia, where we arranged a panel of experts consisting of a neurosurgeon, an orthopedic surgeon, a plastic surgeon and a psychiatrist to examine, diagnose and treat them.These consultants were the leaders in their hospitals and provided professional and effective services. We are due to provide plastic surgery and other treatments to the same client soon after their insurer agrees the terms.

If your client requires any of these services, or you have an inquiry on what other logistical arrangements we can make, please contact us.